About Us

Company History

As a dedicated logistics company, Pornpiyacharn Logistics Co., Ltd. (PPYC) has developed expertise throughout our 50 years of experience in the industry. Since the company’s establishment in 1970, our service capacity and workforce have each seen consistent growth year over year. Originally specialising in maritime transportation, PPYC has integrated land transportation as well as other modes of dry bulk logistics in order to provide our customers with a one-stop, door-to-door solution for their requirements.

We strive to operate in a way that meets international standards. We’re certified with ISO 9001:2015 and Q Mark standard approvals. Internal management practices are regularly audited by external parties as well as managers within the company. Responsibility is also important to us. It is our main goal to treat our employees fairly while ensuring that the society and the environment are not compromised as a result of our practices.

We manage risks by valuing our clients, society, community and the environment. To build trust among our customers, we provide P&I Club insurance for product and property protection as well as Total Loss insurance for machinery, motorboats, barges, and trucks.


We provide marine and land transportation services that meet international standards throughout Thailand and ASEAN with an excellent management system.


Develop our management system to meet international standards and leverage technologies to help us to sustainably and stably compete in the market.

Strive to manage and develop employees’ knowledge, capabilities and skills so that they are a part of the quality output of the organisation.

Develop and improve barges, tugboats, floating cranes, trucks, warehouses, ports, machines and equipment to meet safety and environmental standards as well as increase the service efficiency according to IMO (International Maritime Organization) standards.

Operate our business based on the principles of good governance to meet customers' needs and benefit shareholders, employees, society and the environment.

Build trust and manage risks that can happen to clients, shareholders, society and the environment with Total loss and P&I insurance.

Prepare the organisation to move towards becoming a PCL (Publicly Listed Company).

Quality and Safety Policy

The organisation is committed to developing transportation services with the highest quality and efficiency in compliance with international standards.

1.To develop employees, cargo ships, trucks, ports, warehouses, machinery and equipment. / Improve transportation and transloading methods to meet service standards and customer needs. 

2.To control the costs and increase the efficiency of transportation and transloading services according to the organisation’s goals with thorough auditing and revision. 

3.To operate the company based on the principles of good governance by leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that result in sustainable business growth.

The organisation is committed to developing transportation and transloading service standards to ensure safety for customers’ lives and property as well as society and the environment.

1.Implement safety, occupational health and work environment management measures to ensure safety in the workplace in compliance with legal regulations. We aim to eliminate accidents. 

2.Control and prevent dangers that may result in death or cause damage to cargo, property, society or the environment. 

3.Create action plans for safety, occupational health and work environment as well as having a regular assessment in order to operate work in a systematic and efficient manner. 

4.Conduct safety training activities for employees so that everyone can help prevent accidents together.

Environmental Policy

At Pornpiyacharn Logistics Co., Ltd, the environment is our priority. During the transportation process, it is important to prevent any damage that could be done to the environment, both on land and in the sea. We have a policy to conduct a Carbon Credit project with Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization in order to decrease environmental problems and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, we also have a policy to protect the marine ecosystem in accordance with the 2015 Act on the promotion of Marine and Coastal Resources Management.

In order to achieve the objectives of the above policy, we will act as followed: 

1.Comply with the current environmental laws and regulations. 

2.Support environmental care. 

3.Operate with the goal of preventing damage that can occur to the environment and minimise the disposal of waste. We have an approach to regulate waste disposal including oil and chemicals, sewage, solid waste, machinery exhaust, hazardous substances, NLS, noise, anti-fouling paint and other substances that may have a harmful effect on the environment. 

4.Review and evaluate the company’s performance appropriately in order to make sure it complies with environmental policy.

Service Standards

“Pornpiyacharn Logistics Co., Ltd”
manages the business with quality and has been continually certified with Quality Management System standards as follows:
We were certified in Quality Management System or ISO 9001:2015, Since 11 June 2017 until present.
We certified food standard GHPs (Good Hygiene Practices) Since 10 November 2021 until present.
We certified feed standard GMP Plus B3 (Storage and transshipment of feed) Since 17 November 2021 until present.
We hold a non-fixed route transport license. Number: กท. 205/2561
We have been a quality standards of transport by trucks "Q-Mark" from Department of Land Transport Number: FTB.0073/2020